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Look Twice Photography by Curtis Essen

I am scaling back my photography business. I will no longer be shipping photographs and will be only doing local sales where people can pick up their order or if necessary I will deliver very large prints locally. I am moving forward with retirement plans and it is no longer worth the effort to arrange to ship prints.

Also, I will be scaling back in local sales soon. I'm not sure what will happen to my photo archives yet. It's a mystery? It's been a fun adventure and I feel like I had a great run. Over 60 photos in my local hospital, the walls of 2 branches of the largest accounting firm in the area and many other shows and instalations over the years. Thank you for enjoying the images!

This does not mean I am rolling over and dying, I'm going to travel more and work less.

On this page click on an image to open the gallery. When in the gallery click on an image to view it and a description and use the arrows on the side to scroll through the images in the gallery.

Creativity is innate. Find your outlet and tap it and you will be more happy. (Sometimes life gets in the way, but not always). It is there, write, paint, photograph, dance, sing, make music, act, sew, knit, make poetry, or anything that captures your imagination, just share what you can express that is good. The fact that you are here in this vast universe is a miracle. Embrace it!!!
I take photographs of what intrigues me and captures my mind and imagination.

I live on the Central California Coast in The Village of Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo County. There is so much beauty within grasp of here. My photographs are mostly of the Central California Coast and it's coastal mountains and valleys from Big Sur to Santa Barbara.


CJ's Café at 611 E. Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande is where my largest prints are on display. CJ's has gone solar and has become more and more popular every year for a good reason, Great Food and a wide connection to the local community. Come by and enjoy great food. The photos in CJ's are not for sale off the wall, but you can look and contact me to order, and customize the size to fit your space.

Thank you Glenn, Kathy and the entire staff at CJ's.

I would encourage you to stop by any of the venues that are listed here that are open to the public. The full size printed photographs are a quantum leap over what you can see on your computer.

About Me and my work

My father had an interest in photography and so I was given my first camera when I was 6 or 7 and by the time I was in 5th grade we had a darkroom set up in the house. During college I minored in photography while pursuing a carreer in diagnostic imaging. Decades later I began showing and selling my photographs in 2008 at the encouragement of friends and family.

I am currently shooting with a 50 megapixel Canon 5DS R. Many of the outdoor photos are taken in multiple exposures to capture the full dynamic range of the highlights and shadows. Many of the large format panoramas are a compilation of 30 to nearly 100 exposures and hours of editing. The very large format photographs are suitable for wall size murals.

I do my own printing primarily on canvas with a 44" wide Canon IPF 8400 printer, a 12 color printer using pigment based archival quality Canon ink. I make my own stretcher bars and stretch the canvas myself. The prices of my prints are low and the quality is higher than before because I do it myself. My monitor and printer are calibrated regularly.
My large stretched canvas prints are priced at 30¢/sq. inch. (Width x Height) x 0.3

If you wish to order a print contact me at:
[email protected]
805-748-3056  E-mail works best for me.


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AddressArroyo Grande, CA 93420
United States
Daytime phone805-748-3056
Evening phone805-748-3056
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Beautiful work Curtis, your photography is timeless, and so peaceful.
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love your artwork. Saw an example at our brokerage today..
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